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Bring our delicious greek dishes home, cooked by Irinis famous recipes. Or why not try an international dish in the comfort of your couch?


Olives 35:-

Greek Kalamata olives in olive oil and oregano

Garlic bread 39:-

Tzatziki 59:-

Greek tzatziki made from yoghurt with cucumbers, dill and garlic. Served with bread

Melitzanosalata 59:-

Greek aubergine dip with yoghurt and garlic. Served with bread

Dolmadakia 64:-

Four grape leaves stuffed with rice. Served with tzatziki and bread

Feta 74:-

Real Greek feta cheese in olive oil with tomato, oregano and bread

Tiropitakia 79:-

Two fried puff pastry triangles filled with three types of cheese

Saganaki 85:-

Greek cheese fried in oil

Jidotiri 89:-

Oven-baked goat’s cheese with lemon honey and pomegranate

Skordopita 95:-

Deep-fried bread with garlic, tzatziki, red onion and lumpfish roe

Main course

Meat dishes

Moussaka 149:-

An authentic Greek moussaka made with aubergine, mincemeat in tomato sauce, potatoes and béchamel (white sauce with cheese). Served with a mixed salad and tzatziki

Stifado 155:-

Greek stew made from beef, onion, garlic, tomato sauce and spices. Served with potato wedges, greek salad and feta cheese

Bifteki 159:-

Cheese filled patties seasoned with Greek spices. Served with a mixed salad, tzatziki and potato wedges

Lemonato Kotopoulo 165:-

Chicken breast fillet with feta, lemon, lemon gravy and roast potatoes. Served with a mixed salad and tzatziki

Souvla Hirini 169:-

Skewer of pork sirloin, onions and peppers. Served with a Greek salad, tzatziki and potato wedges

Arnaki Psito 179:-

Lamb chops with roast potatoes. Served with a mixed salad and tzatziki

International meat dishes

Kamaki burger 155:-

Cheeseburger made from 100% beef, with iceberg lettuce, tomato, onion, dressing and bread. Served with chips

Austrian Schnitzel 185:-

Breaded veal schnitzel with red wine sauce, green peas, lemon and chips

Metaxa short loin 195:-

Flambéed short loin with pepper sauce, chips and grilled tomatoes

Lamb fillet 249:-

Lamb sirloin with thyme sauce, potato wedges and wok vegetables


Kalamaraki 169:-

Deep-fried cuttle fish with tzatiki, Greek salad and potato wedges

Solomos 179:-

Grilled salmon medallion with feta cheese, lemon, wok vegetables, tzatziki and wild rice


Moussaka Vege 145:-

With aubergine, mushroom, potato, courgette, tomato sauce, parsley, garlic and béchamel (white sauce with cheese). Served with a mixed salad and tzatziki

Large greek salad 109:-

Cucumber, tomato, pepper, onion, olives, feta cheese and a dressing of vinegar, olive oil, oregano, salt and pepper

BRIAM 139:-

Oven baked potato, tomato, zucchini, parsley, onion, paprika and garlic. Topped with feta cheese and olives.

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Greek Original – Souvlaki in pitabread 89:-

Pork with tzatziki, tomato, onion, parsley and chips

Prawn toast 145:-

Freshly peeled prawns and butter on white bread with egg, tomato, cucumber, mayonnaise, lemon and a sprig of dill


Pizza Rodos 95:-

Tomato sauce, cheese, Kalamata olives & arugula

Pizza Kos 105:-

Tomato sauce, cheese, ham & arugula

Pizza Leros 115:-

Tomato sauce, cheese, ham, mushroom & arugula

Pizza Samos 119:-

Tomato sauce, cheese, ham, pineapple & arugula

Pizza Kreta 139:-

Tomato sauce, ham, shrimp, clams, mushroom, cheese, arugula & cocktail tomatoes

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